100% Secure Time-Saving iMacro bot Powered (Fine-Granular) Role-Based Privileged Access Management Platform (for Dummies) 2019

accessinto privileged access management platform
Simplified Privileged Access Management (for Dummies)

ACCESSINTO has evolved into a new breed of convenient (Simple to Use) What You See Is What You Get (WYSIWYG), Point & Click Based, Privileged Access Management (PAM) platform and (simplified) organization management software solution (for dummies).

ACCESSINTO will (in the role of Super System Provider) offer Software as a Service (SAAS)  in collaboration with (white-label licensed) independent System Providers (ambitious online entrepreneurs).

ACCESSINTO will also be offered as enterprise software package to large institutional organizations (licensed based) such as governments, schools, hospitals, army organizations, large multinational organizations.

ACCESSINTO is being build and sponsored by two persistent and befriended senior developers (‘on fumes’) over a (full-time) period of 24 months.

ACCESSINTO is 100% Private, this means our globally operating platform is designed to NOT store your data. You store your own data in your own Cloudinary account.

Privileged Access Management Software

ACCESSINTO is a simple (cloud remote managed) MS windows driven Privileged Access Management Software. ACCESSINTO makes privileged access management point-and-click easy for dummies. Easy and quickly manage & share online access into (any 3rd party) online application (proxyfied).


ACCESSINTO will become the easiest and most secure access control platform & method in the world. Suitable and very affordable for more or less any person or organization that wants to protect their intellectual property and/or digital assets against hackers and thieves, for example:

  • Large divisional multinational organizations (production, consultancy)
  • Government organizations (army, municipal organizations)
  • Institutional organizations (schools, hospitals)
  • Legal organizations (lawyers)
  • Financial service providers (wealth managers)
  • Software providers (developers, help-desk, sales)
  • Virtual assistants teams (social media management, content management)
  • Offshore outsourcing companies
  • Online Marketers

Encrypted Password Vault Powered by Cloudinary

Passwords and credentials are saved and stored in the user’s (self-registered) Cloudinary CDN (Content Delivery network) account. Each new user is required to create a free Cloudinary account first.

Hacking a Cloudinary account is made pointless due to the unreadable (encrypted) format.

New users will receive simple video instructions on how to setup, configure and search engine optimize their Cloudinary account.

Personalized user interface; upload your own background images or videos (stored into your own Cloudinary account).

Cyber Security Problems Solved

What makes ACCESSINTO so different from all the other established cyber security software, password managers and privileged access management software providers?

Some quick answers below…

  • ACCESSINTO doesn’t operate like any other cyber security software
  • ACCESSINTO applies a simple to understand hierarchic model (1 hour video training provided)
  • ACCESSINTO made it possible to stack and interconnect 4 different organisation layers
  • ACCESSINTO has simplified role-based access; hide or show (user specific) action buttons
  • ACCESSINTO doesn’t cost anything if you are not using the software
  • ACCESSINTO can easily be stopped or cancelled (and later on continued again)
  • CLOUDINARY is where (anonymized) users store their own data
A simple to understand short video is in the making and will eventually explain the simplicity of ACCESSINTO

What is Privileged Access Management

Privileged Access Management or PAM is primarily important to any organization with many insider users; users who already have access to the organization, computer systems and software applications. Users with privileged access are typically organization insiders such as a system administrator, database administrator, software developer, network architect, an application owner or an IT manager.

Most cyber-crimes are carried out assisted by insiders. Controlling and monitoring privileged access is a method to reduce insider risk from unauthorized access.

Automate, control and secure the entire process of granting privileged credentials. Privileged access is granted based on established policies with appropriate approvals. Create a comprehensive audit trail with automated tracking of privileged access and authorization.

Protect your digital assets, your organization and prevent security breaches by providing only the appropriate amount of access administrators need to perform their duties. Implement a least-privilege security approach with granular delegation of administrative access on Unix and Linux systems.



Role-based Access Control Platform

Unique Role-based Access Control

ACCESSINTO operates according a Simplified Build-in
Role-based Access Control system. ACCESSINTO
does this for different organization types.

– this section to be continued later –


Identity and access management (IAM) Platform

Identity and access management (IAM) is, in computer security, the security and business discipline that “enables the right individuals to access the right resources at the right times and for the right reasons”.

Privileged access management addresses the need to ensure appropriate access to resources (across increasingly heterogeneous technology environments) and to meet increasingly rigorous compliance requirements in computer security, the security and business discipline that “enables the right individuals to access the right resources at the right times and for the right reasons”.

TOP 10 MASSIVE Advantages (think about it!)

  1. Never share credentials again with overseas strangers
  2. Point & click re-assignment of user tasks and responsibilities
  3. Full control, freeze unmotivated workers in one click
  4. Never having to change a password
  5. No more use of simple crackable passwords
  6. Save time using one-click login buttons
  7. Time & click-tracking (incl. screen snapshots)
  8. Easy to configure role-based access levels
  9. Fearless clients, easily win trust of new off-shore clients.
  10. Pay for what you get

User Interface Features

Any user will be able to customize and personalize the User Interface (WYSIWYG) of the web-based Post-Back (AJAX) Single-Page Webapplication (SPA) as well as the locally installed
Windows Graphical User Interface (GUI).

  • Customize GUI color
  • Customize background opacity (transparency)
  • Customize font
  • Customize icons
  • Customize background images (or video)
  • Customize language (100+ languages)
  • National Holidays calendar
  • WYSIWYG Attendance System (global time-zones)
  • imgCanvas WYSIWYG Cloudinary url manipulation software
  • imgCanvas Digital Asset Management

How much will ACCESSINTO cyber security software cost?

To answer to the question How much ACCESSINTO cyber security software will cost is a bit tricky since that depends on where you are (as a user) within the 4-tier granular hierarchic model.

Cost is calculated on a Pay-For-What-You-Get and Pay-Per-Click basis using a crypto token system. Clicks are tracked and recorded (anonymously) via the Blockchain Ledger.

New users will receive free coins/credits to try the ACCESSINTO. Coins can be earned (for free) by the user (while they sleep).

Where can I hire the Best Virtual Assistants?

Where can I hire the Best Virtual Assistants, from service providers that are using the ACCESSINTO PAM DAS SAAS Platform.

ACCESSINTO will also recruit and train dozens of young local job seeking Indian ICT University graduates ‘freshers’ to become the best and must reliable virtual assistants.

ACCESSINTO clients are be able to get support from our Virtual Assistants ‘on steroids’.

ACCESSINTO Plans for the Future

ACCESSINTO will be an evergreen product with regular updates.


ACCESSINTO is a Dutch Indian Software Development collaboration project carried out by two friends; a Dutch Software Designer and an Indian Senior Software
Coder. If you are interested in how the idea came about then click here and read more about ACCESSINTO.

How to contact ACCESSINTO ?

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/accessinto/
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/accessinto/

Written and updated by Eddy Caspers
Updated on: Januari 7th 2019
Site publish date: Juli 7 th 2018

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