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Thanks for your interest in ACCESSINTO. In this about us page you will find a description and a brief history describing how ACCESSINTO came about.

how it all started

The ACCESSINTO project started after Eddy asked his friend and (amazing) coder, in the Indian state of Tamil Nadu in India (Southern region of India) if it was possible to find and use an iMacro Bot (C++) application to anonymously handle and trying to hook it up with a web-based cloud-based webapplication.

IT Job market in Tamil Nadu India

Co-creator and software programmer Sentil has been developing software with Eddy since 2010. Sentil informed Eddy about the a problem in his rural village in Tamil Nadu where there is a lack of IT jobs, especially by IT University Student graduates.

IT students in Tamil Nadu

After graduation many students “freshers” are required to (reluctantly) leave their village to find a job in the nearest city (Chennai). The alternative is a 4 hours by train to travel back and forth. To solve this problem Sentil and Eddy came up with the idea to create local jobs for University Student Graduates. are forced to travel and find work in Chennai, the nearest big city; several hours by train away from home.

IT Services Office Tamil Nadu

Sentil and his wife (Aruna) where interested in expanding and providing their small office space in Tamil Nadu. Their office has a capacity of 40 students. Students would be invited, interviewed, become hired and be trained to become Virtual Assistants. Eddy would create training modules, explain (screen share) and apprehend tasks to the freshers. Occasionally Eddy would to allow them access to some of many of his online marketing software tools.

accessinto pilot project

Sentil, Aruna and Eddy did a pilot project for 9 months with four ‘freshers’. They concluded that certain students would leave after several weeks, for family, health or other reasons. Eddy found out (the hard way) that a tool had to be developed that would make it easier to provide access to ‘freshers’.

lastpass password manager

Eddy’s attempt of trying to share access using the (free) Password Manager called LastPass didn’t go well at all; Eddy accidentally shared his master password and now had to change all the accounts that his VA’s could be aware of. The idea for ACCESSINTO was born; aimed on reducing the job market problem and provide local jobs and create happier families.

ACCESSINTO software development

ACCESSINTO was developed to (remotely control) local pf installed iMacro-bot. The Windows software carries out the (semi-automated, pre-programmed) task of logging in (anonymous & encrypted).

Bot commands are carried out with approval and on behalf of the owner (proxy based) through a single click of a button. A client, helpdesk person or VA will be able to (remotely made available) iMacro bot activation button click on their Windows desktop.

The initial prototype enabled Eddy to provide (Do It Yourself) access to clients and share access to any of his earlier purchased software automation software applications (keyword research tool, promo video creation software etc).

iMacro bot C++ Windows Desktop Application

Eddy and his coder soon found a suitable C++ script Windows desktop application that could be used for this purpose. All that was needed now was a web-based switchboard-type web application where users, login credentials and bot-commands could be added, stored, managed and submitted; a never-done-before PAM (Privileged Access Management) SAAS (Software As A Service) SPA (Single Page Application) software solution.

C-sharp Windows Desktop Application

An iMacro bot is a programmable C++ application that is able to mimic a person (click buttons and other actions). The anticipated new application would be able to activate and send an instruction to the iMacro bot that was installed on the client’s Windows pc. On demand (client button click) the bot would (hands-free) excecute, fetch, decrypt, submit credentials (from the cloud) and press enter (without having to exchange and expose any of Eddy’s login credentials).

MS Windows iMacro bot command powered access

An iMacro bot commands are programmable text-based code. The crux of the idea was that an iMacro bot, unlike a client, is not able to steal login credentials. For the client is also meant convenience since they did not need to know or have a login url, the bot would do all the heavy lifting.

100% secure cloud-based platform

The idea was (another) new idea and concept for a 100% secure peer-to-peer cloud-based platform where access to third party accounts (Twitter, Facebook) or Online tools, could be shared and managed . A third person (fe. a virtual assistant or helpdesk employee, that later evolved into an innovative new concept in organisation management.

Bottom-line is that ACCESSINTO works different and looks different then any other Privileged Access Management Software Supplier or Provider.

founder of accessinto

ACCESSINTO Dutch founder and CEO, named ing. Eddy Caspers, is a veteran online marketer and software developer from the Netherlands since 2001. Eddy has always been keen on automation and a regular buyer of time-saving productivity tools.

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